We have 33 years of experience in manufacturing of advertising and label stickers in the market. Once you conceptualize an idea, our creative team would take it to the next stage by communicating this need into your customers. We can also design, based on your specific requirements

We used world class quality supplies during our manufacturing process and we offer a comprehensive guarantee ranging from one year to three years. All our products are tropicalised to suit the local climate.

Also we have the facility of creating large natural digital prints & lighting plastic name board which to suit the local climate. We also have the technology to achieve digital imaging and computer sign cutting.

Be more visible. Put your message on a sticker and build your identity.
Kandy Graphics offers stickers that are durable and weather-resistant. With our quality full color printing, you get stickers that are a perfect addition to any of your marketing pieces
Sign Stickers
SINCE 1986